29 janvier 2013

The topics and Tips of Ken Rockwell

KenLensKen Rockwell wrote an article about anti - cosumerism. Each paragraph of it ia very true, and makes you understand, it is true that the camera does not make the photographer.

I disagree  with many things that this gentleman writes, but this article, there are many people that should read it. Only a sample paragraph from it: Understood that the team that one looks to collect, only makes it easier to get that image, that sound or that manoeuvre, but that one could have been achieved, with a little more effort, with the same garbage that one began. One also understands that, if instead of spending so much time worrying about the team that we do not possess, and we would have spent time to take more pictures or grab more waves, could have arrived at where he wanted long before.

And another plus: You may have all the equipment you need, all you need to do is try to get the most of the profits. Having better tools will not make taking better pictures, since the team is not going to become a better photographer.

Photographers make photographs, not cameras. It's really sad to see that there are few who manage to understand this, and wasting their time blaming tools for poor results, instead of using that time to learn to observe and manipulate and better interpret light.

Another great article That Ken Rockwell wrote is The deception of Nikon according to him. Last year he sparked a controversy around Nikon. In his statements he said that D600, D800 and D4 models actually share all their internal mechanisms, by modifying its external appearance to be able to zoom in on different sectors of the market.

Let your words, which are enlightening - and controversial-: Today, the trio of D600, D800 and D4 was obviously designed and manufactured at the same time, with the same guts, but were announced at different times to hide the fact that, simply, in the interior are the same camera.

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